Tuesday, 1 May 2012

VIGNETTE : "short piece of writing, music, acting, etc. which clearly expresses the typical characteristics of something or someone" 

The  definition above  comes out of the Cambridge Dictionary and Thesaurus.  But what does it mean in decor terms ?   In my mind, it would be  "a grouping together of objects in a pleasing way to express the characteristics or theme of that particular room or scheme or home" ? 

I have never really been very successful  at putting together a good vignette, perhaps because I never really finish a project properly.  However,  I now realise that this is often the most fun part of decorating and that the effort involved requires a little time and patience,  as well as a careful eye!  I am definitely still "getting my eye in"  which results in me changing things around almost compulsively, which in turn irritates my husband enormously ! Often, the simplest objects arranged together,  create a touch of magic and tell a story of their own!.  I need to be careful about over-crowding a surface - sometimes leaving a space empty and letting the piece of furniture speak for itself!

I also think that Vignettes can be created in the garden where they become be a focal point or resting place.  I hunted around in my photos and found a few examples of what I think could be vignettes but please feel free to tell me otherwise !! 

On the dresser in my Garden Room

My neighbour Ruth is a brilliant " Vignette-er" !! This table with plant, books, pine-cones and wooden fruit is so pretty and yet simple

I love how the jug and painting share the same palette.

I love this photo with the old concrete wash-tub and the iris - in my vegetable garden

The beautiful grouping of plants and glass from Martha Stewart 

A beautiful table setting by a dear friend Louis at La Creuzette - I plan to blog about this incredible place in France but in the meanwhile - please have a look!
I dont think that this is a vignette - but anyway.. the last roses of the season on  my kitchen bench.

Pretty as can be - Carolyne Roehm

and Carolyne Roehm again - love everything she does!
This from Veranda Magazine

Classical collection - Veranda Magazine

My favourite - love the green/black combination -  Veranda Magazine

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