Tuesday, 12 June 2012

BUNNY WILLIAMS : My favourite designer!

I have become familiar with the inimitable style of  Bunny Williams by  reading her books.  Her warm, frank writing style,  describes her interiors which are so inviting and comfortable.  Her use of layers upon layers, results in a design aesthetic which is rich, textured, comfortable,  yet underpinned with enormous style.    

My first introduction to Bunny was through her book "An affair with a house".  I have read this book from cover to cover. How wonderful to have loved a home for over 30 years.  One can see how comfortable  the house is and how welcoming it would be to guests  and friends.    Her shop in New York - Treillage is  top of my list when visiting New York.

Bunny's style is bold yet comfortable and she uses books, collections, artwork, flowers and objets d'art  to create the texture of home and comfort. There is a combination of strength and softness,  traditional and eccentric, all achieved by meticulous planning.  Her upholstery is well-proportioned and beautifully detailed. She uses pieces with a beautiful depth of patina.  I love her lamps and find that her pieces are individual and not meant to be offered in different finishes.   Like her,  I don't believe that a home is a showpiece, but rather a place to feel relaxed in, where one feels enveloped by comfort and surrounded by things that we love.  Bunny's approach in interior design is to create a lifestyle and a home showing us how to live with style and comfort. 
To read more about Bunny and look at her beautiful design work go here .  See her Treillage online shop for the most adorable additions to your home.  My particular favourites are the blue and white porcelain.. which are featured at the beginning of this post!

Below are photos of some of her design work and there is so much more to see on her website.
In a Sea Island Escape - I love the screen

The scale of the large single beds is impressive as well as the fabric used for the comforters.
Great Ottoman
I love the scale of the massive turtle shell in front of the black mirror as well as the animal print chairs

Just the right blue on the walls
What a happy room in a house in Provence.

An apartment in New York - rich and textured
I love the dining room in the same apartment - beautiful chairs and notice the lamps on the table
The last photo in this apartment - a cosy sitting area with an  animal print ottoman

This bold big kitchen - A Texas ranch
This beautiful bedroom in the ranch-house in Texas

The living room in an East Hampton Retreat - I love the introduction of yellow to the blue/white scheme

The dining room in East Hampton - note the bold door architraves and view through to the living room
A beautiful sea-side bedroom


  1. Not crazy about the animal print upholstery; love the large-scale kitchen and what a pleasant change to have the lamps on the long dining table rather than the predictable flower and/or candle arrangement .... she does enjoy the use of shells .. large turtle between the 2 oxen on the table or large clam above the blue-roon bed ... sourcing those cannot be a walk in the park?!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    I love her work too and never get tired of reading her 3 books-she is a master and what a great collection of images showing her range of talent!