Saturday, 19 May 2012



A while ago, I began thinking that the living room at South Acres was too wintry and a little too brown.  What to do?  A quick search and I came up with a palette that I hope works with the carpet and the red chair.  I had the two sofas recovered in a neutral linen the chair in soft aqua.  What do you think? 

the 'wintry' version

even with updated ottoman - I still felt it looked drab
the new palette
I think I am happy with the result...interior photographing is so difficult..

 taken last night..  new fabric definitely lightens up the room

are we ever completely sure of our decisions?


  1. I think it looks great! Nice uplifting change. X

  2. Perfect! I lamented over the white covering for our sofas, the family was up in arms. I had to go a bit darker. I love your pillow fabric, very flexible for both summer and winter. Well done! :) xx

    1. Thank you Jeanne! I think I might regret the colour on the sofas.. Bunny and Penny are currently in conference regarding the havoc they could wreak after their many farming pursuits!

  3. LOve your changes! and agree interior photos are hard to get right... but your new palette comes through really well... hope you are enjoying France!!



  4. Thank you Kit I really appreciate your opinion! I think I saw on your blog you are travelling to France soon? If you visit Paris and haven't been Deyrolle on Rue du Bac, please do.... I was there recently and posted about my visit on my other blog. It is the most fascinating place ever !