Wednesday, 16 May 2012

TAKING IT SLOW... Boundary street in Rushcutters Bay.

Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs has become a top Interior Design precinct!  I am usually driving through and not being able to stop when something gorgeous catches my eye, is frustrating!  Last week, after an appointment close by,  I decided on a slow stroll passing through Boundary Street.  

'Antiques, modern furniture and the top-end of the rag trade are all here' - Melissa Penfold.

My first stop was Thonet. This shop doesn't advertise and has been selling it's famous bentwood chairs for over 35 years.  The Nr. 14 Thonet chair was designed by Michael Thonet in Austria in 1859 - is still called the "chair of chairs" with some 50 million produced by 1930! Imagine how many have been produced now!  

Next along was a new find -  Posto - a newly established coffee/eatery with a huge counter right on the pavement making take-out coffee easy and a peak over the counter showed a light and airy interior.  A quick glance at the menu and words like figs, pear compote, eggs with Jerusalem artichokes and truffle, cranberries, aioli jumped off the page and I immediately dog-eared Posto for a future visit!

Note the bi-fold windows above the counter, leaving this large space open to the street!

I love the subway tiles, wooden bench tops and the copper overhead lights. Note the Thonet chairs and bar-stools.

Just a couple of steps away is Grafton Galleries Antiques and standing in the doorway is Stella - adorable dog belonging to the owner, Hartley Cook.

Grafton Galleries Antiques is a 3rd generation family business.  The business was started by Hartley's grand-mother and was resident in Double Bay for 60 years, before moving to Boundary Street 7 years ago.

 This beautiful cabinet with interior lighting

Grafton Galleries' window

Then it was on to Boyac 

and Geraldine Cooper 

and Elliott Clarke

Botanical beauty in the window.. needed to find out which one it is but lunch was calling and can't keep Mr R-I waiting !

Friendly Dimitri at his coffee station - Cafe Maybach also in Boundary Street.   Enjoy breakfasts, lunches, sweet treats and coffee surrounded by hi-tech cars in this cafe, located in one of Sydney's premier Mercedes dealerships.

Lunch was delicious pan-fried trout on buttery mash potato with fresh asparagus!
Must do this more often !


  1. I stumbled across your blog by googling Geraldine Cooper showroom Sydney. I am an interior designer, making the move to Sydney in Jan and it's so useful to be able to walk the streets before I get there, thank you! I am looking forward to visiting the cafe's also, they look delicious :)

  2. Hi Vanya... You will love Sydney... and thanks for leaving a comment... Good luck!!